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My "wheel of life" series is a group event for self exploration. In our time now one of the big challenges is to let go of old, genetically inherited traumas, beliefs and agreements to be free to develop as society. We take our time to dive into one topic at a time, so that you can take your time and slowly but steadily find your way to your best inner self.


The regular groups are held in German, but don't hesitate to request if you are interested in an English speaking group. An English speaking group will be launched starting from a group of 4 participants. 

a shamanic session is a moving and life changing experience

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the wheel of life - series

Healing and self developing in line with natures influences. Read more

what to expect

Shamanism how I live it is hard graft and not comparable to a wellness or meditation session.


To live your personal potential changes have to be made. Changes always mean losses, no matter what you gain. I go along with you when you bid farewell to dear whims and shed light on displeasing themes.

To adopt changes quick and smooth the focus of my holistic work lays in:

body and brain: the visible and the consciousness

Learning to focus your consciousness of body and intelligence on awareness of your soul and spirit is part of every session. Both body and brain learn to bear the greatness of your soul by conscious acts and thoughts.

mind and soul: the invisible worlds and the subconscious

The shamanic session connects your potential, your power and the helping energies. In this work we free bound energy from the subconscious and shine light on hidden life topics. 

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For those who are unable to meet: I do work via email and phone or Skype.