My life – my decisions!

How does the reality look like?

How many of the big and little daily decisions are really made from ourSELF? Which forces are involved in our decision-making? And if we decide for ourselves, what part of us makes the decision? Are we driven to decide? Or taught? Or is a superior power working through us?


Including latest scientific findings we can explain more and more of inner human process and inter human relationships. We know now that the intestine has a direct connection to the brain. The feeling of hunger is linked to a bad mood with many people. This connection works backwards, too. The body has learned, that a bad mood disappears when the body gets to eat something. So bad mood triggers the bowel to long for a snack.
Some foods play with the brain in a similar way. Wheat, milk and chocolate stimulate the reward centre and make us think and feel the need to eat more. The intensity of these feelings is similar strong to an addiction. By knowing this, can we really say it’s the self that decides?

No matter of form and size of the body, it still is a gift that we got to experience ourselves. It even is a wonder! As we know of biologists and astrologists it is a wonder that life has formed on earth the way it did. So we have reason to feel joy, happiness and love for our mere existence.  But, looking in the mirror, how many people are able to feel love for themselves? And if it was really our own decision, who wouldn’t choose to love him- or herself?

Love is the most beautiful and most powerful force we know. Nevertheless many times our loved one seems to be a mirror for our own suffering in life. Unfinished business and unsolved issues of our own life or even inherited issues that were passed down on us by parents and ancestors are pulled up by the power of love. How would we love if these issues were solved?

With love there comes sexuality. How does sex feel when there is true love for oneself and the loved one? What sexual feelings are there beneath desire and drive? How would sexuality be if one could learn it in accordance to the self?

How would life be if one could life it in accordance to the self? What talents are waiting to show themselves? How rich is a personal- and work-life pursuant to the deepest self?

Even if it is hard to see the best personal way through all the influences of civilization, media, family and substances the body comes in contact with, there is always a way to one’s inner centre. The first step is easily done for most, faster even than the second or third. The more steps we take, the farther we can see, the more conscious we are. It is of great importance to have competent assistance along this way. Talking with likeminded people balance the weight of our well trained thoughts that try to get us back on the old way. Taking a step backwards is just as normal as having different speeds of development. The best way is the one encouraging the soft voice of the heart while making supple the loud screaming intellect. The moment when both voices can be heard equally a real personal decision can be made.


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