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   After I first was initiated I had an intensive shamanic education for three years. At the same time I finished my diploma on classic homeopathy, iris diagnosis, acupuncture of the ear, humorism and energetic healing. After this basic education I started a ten year apprenticeship to master the psychic abilities I was born with. 

   There are severe dangers for both psychic and client if the abilities are not mastered properly. In modern societies there is little awareness of the existence of the spirit world or of people who can cross over there. Most young psychics either learn to hide their ability, which can cause psychological and neurological damage, or are taken too seriously too soon, which can end up in problematic manipulation.

   Through my long and intensive education I can create stable conditions to work with high energies and to bind them into the every day life of my clients with great precision. My shamanic work is profiting from my mediumship and developed to something I like to call:

Integral shamanism

   Humankind has made many evolutionary steps. Starting from an archaic primeval world, where surviving was the most important task, humans developed through a magical world view, where everything was interconnected and where the roots of shamanism can be found, going on to a mystic world, the origin of the great religions and ancient world empires, to a mental world, which brought us technical inventions, science and psychology amongst other things, to an emotional world, which laid the foundation for emotional maturity, on to a now developing integral world view. In this context integral means a global view that includes and transcends all past developments to guide humankind to the next evolutionary level.


   Integral shamanism builds a bridge from the nonverbal archaic sphere up to the predisposition of the next evolutionary step. It gives a unique chance to take a glimpse on traumata on each level and to heal them.

   Integral shamanism not only looks upon the individual and his*her family and relationships, but also to their connection to changes to society and to global transformations. This is explained as followed: Once you start healing and integrating your wounds, no matter on which level they are, you'll get closer to your self, to your abilities and to your self love. There you understand your light and dark aspects, but you can still stay in your appreciation and love for yourself. With this point of view it becomes second nature to use your abilities, not to hold back anymore and this sends out impulses for others to take care of their healing and development. Each of us can contribute to a better future.


   My mediumship allows me to find out more about the contemporary issue of my clients. Interrelations are identified on deeper levels and practical advice is given, so both my clients and I have a step by step, very hand-on and earthly list on how to go on with the healing. For this I can rely on my spirit guide and in the shamanic work on guides from other shaman traditions as well as ancestors and spirits of my clients.


   My ability to see prophetically allows me to guide into future situations or to alert for possible outcomes, so my clients can prepare. I can see aspects of the personality that are not integrated and not in harmony with the self and I give exercises to help to create a unison between body, mind and spirit. This inner transformation presents itself as process.

shamanic process supervision

   The process is based on every day life and status quo of my clients. The instructions given in the shamanic and psychic sessions guide in creating self-awareness and personal growth using concrete, unspectacular steps. The change and healing created is profound.


   Like a tree growing through seasons, man is growing through different life situations. In a spiral movement the constrained part of the self creates opportunities to grow. The trauma can heal and the self can grow to perfection. During the process we can reach back as far as necessary, than includes pre-natal events. The trauma then can heal through all stages, the childhood, adolescence and adulthood. The shamanic world view connects all development levels into a deep, stable healing.

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