'This seminar is very important!'

woman sitting beside a tank, after 2.WW, photo of Newman
woman sitting beside a tank, after 2.WW, photo of Newman

'History repeating?'

Is the war in Ukraine a sign of unsolved European history?




Seminar on Mai 1st, 10.30 - 18.00




transformative self care group

Self-care is THE topic for us in these turbulent times. Mental and physical problems await those who do not learn to take care of themselves. The constant burden of stress and anxiety alters our nervous system - but that just means we have a duty to learn how to deal with it.


Self-care is an important step on the way to more resilience and felt self-love. Whether you want to make just a little change in your life or seek profound healing, radical and transformative self-care is a pillar upon which everything else can be built.


The online group in English will start on Wednesday 4 May 2022.


The appointments last between 60 and 90 minutes and should be easy to integrate into everyday life.

I offer the seminar for 99€, if you want you can give more. Donations flow into a scholarship pot with which you support others to also participate in seminars and sessions when they need it most - and not when their wallet allows it 🤍.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

open online group

every month at the 3rd monday, 7:30pm


Open group, all topics

In this open online group I connect to my spirit guides to give you the opportunity to get a fresh view upon parts of your life and also get aligned with yourself more intensely. Having guidance and alignment, thus learning about our options to react differently and to change our path will be presented to you by your own story and the stories of the other participants. 


language of the group is english


coming soon: women's healing group

'How can we save the world now?'

- anyone who knows me knows that I like to keep an eye on the big picture. Same here.

We need the power of female healing energy! We need sisterhood, our empowerment, and stabilization in the small to bring about change in the big. So let's tackle it!

Rauhnächte - Durch die Schatten ins Licht


In this book about shamanic work during the twelve nights, which lay between the time of winter solstice and the beginning of January, I guide you through processes of uncovering more about yourself, to get connected and to step up. In stories, exercises and rituals you learn to take more responsibility for yourself and the situations in your life and free yourself from the feeling of being a victim of circumstances. You're more powerful than you think, let's walk on this journey together.


156 pages


language: german

ISBN 9783750428331

no open groups / no workshops during COVID19

If you want to be informed when workshops start again please write me a short message

A session is custom-made for your individual needs. 

This is the right tool for you, if you suffer from an illness or want to use a precise craft to change your life.

I'll guide you on your process towards healing and change through awareness and a new course of action.

You have the option to book a personal session or a couples session.


Workshops examine one topic. The work itself is more general than in sessions, so you can gain self-awareness.

New knowledge and new experience allow the participants to gain healing in said topics.

Group work is fruitful, as you not only learn from your own experience, but from the group spirit as well.


welcome to insights into my work:

discover about integral shamanism and mediumship

and how these traits are my contribution to human evolution


If you're interested in evolution and personal growth I invite you to read my blog.

Discover where growth is possible and necessary and what tools are there to help.

It pays off to be informed.


You prefer watching to reading to get informed?

My YouTube channel is called Rad des Lebens.

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