in business since 2009

In October I'll celebrate 10th anniversary 



I'm excited to announce upcoming changes and improvements! In ten years of working with numerous clients and developing workshops I finished a big cycle which brings my work to a whole new level. Changes will be seen in my website, as well.


In addition my first book will come out soon, but I'll keep the suspension for it for a while. If you don't want to miss anything please write me a short note to receive the English newsletter.


Watch this space for news!

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upcoming workshops


       workshop on November 16th

trauma healing

       workshop on November 17th

twelve nights

       wolves nights on December 28th


       night of the queen on January 5th 2020

You're looking for more in life than work, relationship, holiday? You're looking for a deep fulfilment, you want to evolve and perfect yourself?

Quit working like a dog and fill your life with meaning and sweet, intense life?

Are you ready to look at yourself anew, to (re-)discover yourself and to rise to a challenge?

A session is custom-made for your individual needs. 

This is the right tool for you, if you suffer from an illness or want to use a precise craft to change your life.

I'll guide you on your process towards healing and change through awareness and a new course of action.

You have the option to book a personal session or a couples session.


Workshops examine one topic. The work itself is more general than in sessions, so you can gain self-awareness.

New knowledge and new experience allow the participants to gain healing in said topics.

Group work is fruitful, as you not only learn from your own experience, but from the group spirit as well.


welcome to insights into my work:

discover about integral shamanism and mediumship

and how these traits are my contribution to human evolution


If you're interested in evolution and personal growth I invite you to read my blog.

Discover where growth is possible and necessary and what tools are there to help.

It pays off to be informed.


You prefer watching to reading to get informed?

My YouTube channel is called Rad des Lebens.

the latest video

how to spiritually use a difficult time - German with English subtitles

the latest blog articles

some also available in English language

Hannah Achenbach

Rad des Lebens


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