Twelve nights



Let the old (year) rest in peace



Lead the needs and wishes of your soul into being


World in between

There is a mystical power in the worlds and times of between


  Take only what you need from this year - and let the rest go to be free for the next year. We take the essence of what you learned so far, connect it with your deep self and create space for the new year and all things to come. No need to carry around too much baggage.


  Through the connection to your deeper self in a shamanic vision quest you'll find the needs and wishes of your soul for the next year. Step by step these will be brought into being so you can integrate them into your every day life.

World in between

  During the twelve nights around Christmas and New Year's Eve the borders between the visible and invisible world is thinning, making it easy to travel to get information, help and hidden parts of the self.

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