May 1st: 'History repeating?'

Interdisciplinary seminar on the integration of unresolved personal, family and cultural blockages and trauma from the time of the world wars


"Is the war in Ukraine a repetition of history?

Are there unresolved traumas from the first two world wars?"


I asked myself these questions when I was contemplating on a 'why war?' on other levels as the political. The answer I got was a clear 'yes'.

Unresolved traumas show up through repetition because they want to be 'resolved', integrated. Tense parts in our body long for relaxation. This applies not only to individuals, but also to collectives.


'History repeating' is about this relaxation. Without having to look closely at the events, we want to find and solve the blockages. Accompanied by rattles and drums, we go into a safe space, find spiritual helpers and look for the places in the body and in the ancestral lineage that want to be released. We bring flow into our lives.


Although most of us were not personally part of the war, we have a responsibility to ourselves, to our children and families, and to society - that of our country, of our continent and the world - to work to heal the blockages and to look at what has been avoided. We can be strong enough to look at the 'perpetrator' in each of us, strong enough to look at the toxic guilt and shame, and soft enough to cry for ourselves and all parties involved, and we can be soft enough to come into love.


Be part of it at May 1st, 10:30-18:00. 89€.

starting May 4th: transformative self care

The seminar will take part on following dates:

04. May 19:00

11. May 19:00

18. May 19:00

25. May 19:00

1. June 19:00

8. June 19:00

seminar group.


In 6 weekly appointments, the topic of self-care is dealt with in depth.


Have you ever tried to change something but keep falling back into old habits?

Do you notice that you are overwhelmed and try to escape the constant stress of current events?

Is your everyday life stressful and you wonder where there is time for you?

Are you suffering from an illness and would you like to support yourself as best as possible in healing?


Sometimes we don't take what we really need because we've learned it's selfish. "First work, then play" is a German saying. What was it like for you as a child when you first learned to ignore your needs?


What's stopping you from making time for self-care?

One of the things that happened to me was that I didn't even know what self-care was. I was so used to taking care of everything else that 'taking care of myself' felt all wrong.

I set out to learn it anyway, despite all the inconvenience. The effects were incredible. Better health, balance, resilience. Self love 🤍. My appearance has changed drastically. My marriage has changed. My kids have grown on so many levels, and I'm especially glad that what I did was a role model for them.


It was also important to me that self-care isn't just something 'wobbled down', an extra list to be worked off. I needed change from within. Something that goes hand in hand with my spirituality. Something that drives my healing and lets me learn about myself.

And that's exactly what I found. I have edited it with my Spirits and now I would like to make it available to you.


Starting May 4th we have a series of 6 sessions of 60 to 90 minutes length, that are easily integrated in your every day life. The sessions are online, so you can conveniently participate from wherever you are. I offer the seminar for 99€, if you want you can give more. Donations flow into a scholarship pot with which you support others to also participate in seminars and sessions when they need it most - and not when their wallet allows it 🤍.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

coming soon: women's healing group

This offer is NOT intended for professional healers. If you would like to do further training as a doctor, therapist or coach, please write to me.



This group is part of the grassroots movement and is aimed at all women who want to get to know and develop their healing powers.

The transformative and healing powers that we women carry within us can change the world.


We use the reinforcing power of the group to explore these powers within us and to let them work in us. From the healing connection with ourselves and others, we can then carry the healing energy in friendships and families, change situations at work and in social life. Every healing sister does her part to improve the situation that we humans find ourselves in right now.


If you are interested in being kept up to date about this group, please write me a short mail.


To all men who are interested in exploring and learning to use their sacred masculine power: please contact me directly.

trauma healing

Create a stable base for your personal growth through deep healing and knowledge of your self.

ancestral flow

Information and energy between yourself and your ancestors can flow in both directions...


A chance to strengthen your relationship, to grow together and to heal together.

twelve nights

Process workshop for your annual life balance and workshops during the magical time of the twelve nights...

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