In the first session I get to know your initial situation and capture the wider context.


duration of the session 150 minutes

personal consultation 200€, reduced 150€

couples session 260€

reduction on inquiry


following sessions

personal consultation120€, reduced 90€

couples session 150€

reduction on inquiry

Special offers for process oriented work



bundle of 5 sessions                                    500€

bundle of 5 sessions for couples.             650€

valid 8 months starting the date of the first of the 5 sessions


bundle of 10 sessions                                  950€

bundle of 10 sessions for couples          1250€

valid 14 months starting the date of the first of the 5 sessions

apprenticeship and groups

As trainers my witness and husband Dirk Achenbach and I take on highly talented psychics and mediums as apprentices. The training will guide the student into a secure and goal oriented work with their ability, which is well connected with their own life and with society and the needs of humankind.

Other trainings are: shamanism, energetic work, holistic health care

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During the pandemic there are only online Groups


Each month on the 3rd Monday at 7:30 pm


open group session, all topics

the group is in english

costs: 25€

link to the zoom session via mail after registration 

Voices about the work

Hannah Achenbach

Rad des Lebens


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WhatsApp +4915228922616





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