trauma healing



Freeing yourself from repeating old trauma over and over



Establishing understanding for yourself helps self love to grow



There is room for depth and shadows and what's behind them


  I can't promise you healing in this workshop. You'll get the opportunity to reconnect with yourself, to heal and to find self love. This is the basis to live freely and self reliant, so you can create your everyday life in a more fitting way.


  This workshop gives the opportunity to live the whole spectrum of emotions and to understand it. Logic and emotions can go hand in hand. There will be no judgements. You are carried and enriched by the other group members.


 The safe space in which we work ensures the group to go deep and fetch information from for beyond the everyday mind. For this we will work with a shamanic drum-induced trance. 

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introduction and INITIATION

Learn about the theory, get to know me and start with a few exercises. Questions welcome.

Trauma healing for men

designed to deal with the special challenges of men

trauma healing mixed group

The mixed group gives the chance not only to heal personal trauma, but also trauma regarding the other sex.

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workshop in German language

ancestral flow

add the healing and information into your ancestral system

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