about me

Hannah Alexandra Achenbach, shaman in Berlin

I was born in 1979 in Engelskirchen near Cologne as one Hannah Alexandra Schween. I grew up in a rural area, where I could discover my special relationship to nature an it's creatures. In the year 2000, after my universitiy-entrance diploma I moved to Berlin. At university I started china studies. The focus of my research was ancient chinese diet.


awareness and initiation


Although I was born as shaman, the awareness of this fact didn't come until 2002. Up to this point I learned not to attract attention with my peculiarity. It was during my study trip to china, to isolated places and to shamanic working people when I could understand this gift differently. After intiensive preparations I got my first initiation in the year 2003.







going deeper


I love studying. Varying teachers and the spiritual world led me to more initiations and deeper understanding of the worlds. The beneficial side of living in a country without visible shamanic tradition is to get easy access to universal shamanic laws. That is why all different kinds of people are touched by this work here.

In my shamanic tradition the healer is building a team with his/her witness, a partner without shamanic aptitude, but a total insider to the work. This creates a stable and down-to-earth environment for shamanic work of a very high and steady quality.





As I said above: I love personal development. I love bringing the deep findings of my work into my life. Since 2008 I am supported by my dear husband, who gives me valuable insight in love between people. Development and growth is what my two kids show me day by day. Apart of creating my surroundings and shamanic art I love the possibility to express myself using body and voice.


With my work I do not replace medical treatment, but in fact medical treatment and shamanism can complement each other very well.

Hannah Achenbach

Rad des Lebens


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