good advice is worth more than it costs

service duration compensation

First shamanic session*

up to 2,5 hours 120 Euro



shamanic session

1.5 to 2 hours starting at 90 Euro



couples session


        first session  up to 3 hours 180 Euro
        follow up session 1,5 to 2 hours 120 Euro

seminar and groups*


more information is 

given in description

 *"wheel of life" session

1,5 hours  90 Euro (no special offer possible) 


coaching by phone


every 15 minutes 20 Euro

In particular cases there might be additional costs for a shamanic session. I will clarify this in advance.

The payment can be made in cash when we meet or by bank transfer in advance. 

special for skype and phone

Spring special for Skype and phone sessions:


first session: 120€

follow up session: 90€

starting jan 18th, 2018

new special offers*

Spring special

couples welcome!


first session special offer 150€


A new client finds his or her way to me upon your recommendation - each one saves 10% of the next shamanic session!

courage and efford are rewarded

new clients:

the fees for the first two sessions are reduced to 200€ if both are booked within a month.


existing clients

If continuous sessions are required I offer a pack of five sessions, each one for 80€. Starting with the first of the five sessions this offer is valid one year. 

*special offers are for regular sessions only (first session, shamanic follow-up)

deficiency compensation

If a cancellation is made less than 24 hours before the booked session, 50% of the fee is due as cancellation compensation. If a session is missed without valid excuse I charge the complete fee as agreed.

Hannah Achenbach

Rad des Lebens


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WhatsApp +4915228922616





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