Rad des lebens ∞ wheel of life


We can find them everywhere in nature.

Nature itself is a cyclic being. 

Round and round the wheel goes, bringing day

and night, seasons and the circles of life and death.



of Mother Nature.

cyclic beings.


the future awaits.


doing miracles



From birth to death people live in circles. Some topics tend to come back on and off. Like seasons we recognise, as we grow older, recurring patterns in our lives.

In all traditions a wheel of life can be found.

We use it for healings, we use it to understand the captivities of souls onto this planet. 

Mother Nature gives us her cyclic help do understand humankind on a deeper level by using the power of the wheel of life.

Only with nature we can go forth as people of this earth. It is time to reconnect with (our own) nature. It is time to take back responsibility for ourselves and our heritage.

The name "wheel of life" was given to me by my teachers 16 years ago as the name of my nature.

Since this day this name, which explained a lot of myself to me, became my second skin.

I'm eager to explore forth what this means to me, and how my skills can help change the world.

As nature, the development of my skills, as well as the seminars, come in circles that, each year, go deeper into the meaning of life.

When we come together as a group we create a certain quality of space and time, in which we can enjoy life more intense. 

We can use this space-time to dig into parts of ourselves we want to explore, we can create an atmosphere of healing and an atmosphere of truth, in which it is easier for each single one to confront beliefs, fears, trauma and to dive into emotions, solutions and acceptance.


Time to dive inwards.

Time for a résumé, time to look at longings.

We can use the power of the "time between the years" to pull closer what we need in our lives.

Time to clear out what is not needed.

Time to look at emotions. Hot and cold ones.

Time to create the base of what we experience next.



Time to feel the powerful energy of life.

Time to look where the energy can't flow.

We can use the power of the sap-flow of nature to flush free our energy lines.

We can come in touch with our greatness after we discovered what kept us back.

Time to start healing deeply what was carried around for generations.

Time to bound with earth and sexuality.


Time to heal.

Time for masculinity and femininity.

We can use the active impulses of summer to heal ourselves without scarring again.

Time for the inner child to come out, enjoy life and play again.

Time to let creativity flow.

Time for an authentic relationship.

Time to lay the roots for a good marriage.

Time to incarnate fully.


Time to reconnect with our ancestors.

Time to recognise the plenty of our lives.

Time to open the eyes to see that everything we need is around us.

Time to prepare to go inward.

Time to clean up and let go.

Time to honour Mother Nature and the spirits that support us.

Hannah Achenbach

Rad des Lebens


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