terms and conditions

for shamanic workshops

Please read this information prior to your registration.

   People under the influence of drugs or psychotropic drugs are not allowed to take part in my workshops.


   People with (psychic) illnesses are not excluded as long as they live in a stable environment to which they can return after the workshop. If unsure please contact me beforehand.


   The workshop can stir up things and may be changing your life. You will get practical guidance how to build in changes to your every day life and how to establish new routines.

   There will be no discrimination in my workshops!

   To have a binding registration for a workshop you will be asked to make an advance payment of 40% of the workshop fee. You can cancel your registration till up to seven days before the workshop and I will retransfer your money. If you cancel on shorter notice and there is no participant who can take your place I will keep your advance payment as reimbursement.


   The remaining 60% of the workshop fee are to be transferred on time for the workshop or payed in cash at the workshop.

Hannah Achenbach

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